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Coaching Practice FAQ’s: When, What, Where, How and How Much?

New life coaches have many practical questions they need to answer before the can get started working with clients. But seasoned coaches often have some of the same questions and we like to know how other coaches structure their business and engage in the practice of coaching. Utilizing personal information, a global coaching survey done by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and an informal survey of ICCA leadership, Jennifer Ellers uses this webinar to offer tips and practical information on topics ranging from training and credentialing in coaching to how to interact with clients, set fees, and marketing your services.

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Learning Objectives

Participants will: 

  1. Review survey data about practicing coaches and Christian coaches.
  2. Discuss options for training and credentialing as a coach.
  3. Explore how to engage with clients, set fees and build a coaching practice.

Webinar Presenter

Jennifer Ellers, M.A.